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Welcome to the Yosemite Region

Porsche Club of America

We are a group of car enthusiasts that love all that is Porsche. For over 50 years the members of the Yosemite Region have pursued their passion for Porsches. We invite you to join us in the continued celebration of the marque.

Our goal is to provide members with opportunities to enjoy their cars. We sponsor tours and social events throughout the year so members have a chance to get together, drive their cars, meet new friends and renew old friendships.

We invite all Porsche owners, co-owners or lessees who are 18-years of age or older to join the Porsche Club of America in celebration of the Porsche experience. Through the membership process, you may choose the region to which you wish to be assigned.

We are the Yosemite Region, Zone 7 of the Porsche Club of America.

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