Porsches in Movies
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Movie Name Car Type Misc. Information
48 Hours 356 Speedster  
911 30 Years 911 Porsche Feature Video
A Civil Action 911 Targa 2-3 scenes with John Travolta driving the 911
A Man Apart 911 Cabriolet Two scenes
A Time to Kill 356 Cabriolet Bullock's black 356 cabriolet
Against All Odds 911 Cabriolet  
American Graffiti 356  
Annie Hall 911 Woody Allen and Diane Keaton take a ride in her brother's 911
April Fools Day 914 in the ferry loading scene
Bad Boys 964 Turbo  
Bachelor Party 911 3 or 4 scenes
Backdraft 944 During an explosion
Banzi Runner 928, 911, 935 lots of footage of the 928 racing the Pantera
Beethoven 911  
Beatlejuice 928  
Benjamin 911  
Beverly Hillbillies Carrera Cabriolet very little footage
Big Chill, The 911 T several scenes
Big Picture, The 911 Cabriolet 1-2 minutes
Blown Away 911SC several minutes - not the Tommy Lee Jones movie
Body Language Carerra Cabriolet  
Bull Durham 911 1-2 scenes
Bullit 356 best car chase scenes of all time!! Count the number of hub caps the Charger loses. I hear it loses five!!
Caddyshack 911 one scene of spewage containment!!
Cannonball Run Kremer 935 (Replica?) driven by Burt and Dom
Cannonball Run 2 928 black 928 S crushed by Bigfoot 4x4
Cars 911 The role of Sally
Cellular 2004 911 Cabriolet/Cayenne Turbo blue 996/911 carjacked by film hero Chris Evans; Kim Bassinger in a Cayenne Turbo tries to escape but runs into the garage
Chasers Carreras  
Civil Action 911 Targa John Travolta's black 911 Targa
Class 911 Cabriolet  
Clockwise 911 Stars John Cleese. This black 911 parks outside a hospital as Cleese looks for his wife. Later, Cleese and a student steal a silver 911 Carerra cabriolet with red interior and phone dial wheels. Several nice shots, including the driver illegially overtaking a semi, causing an oncoming car to skid off the road. Film shot in England.
Coming Home 356 Speedster  
Commando 911 look for damage after Arnold pushes the 911 over ???
Condorman 911 five slantnoses
Day After Tomorrow, The (2004) 911 Coupe a couple of scenes feature a black 911 Coupe which is then crushed by a flying bus
Days of Thunder 928 S4 a white 928S4 is in the background when Tom Cruise's character meets Nicole Kidman in the parking lot to thank her for being his doctor.
Dinner with Schmucks 987 A Boxster gets driven and abused
Dead Run 928 928 with cookie cutter wheels
Deal of the Century (1983) 924 Chevy Chase, Sigourney Weaver, Gregory Hines. Early scene in the movie where a latino couple bash in the windows of a 924 that was owned by Gregory Hines. Gregory then goes into the trunk of the 924 and pulls out a flame thrower and torches the latino couples' ride.
Doc Hollywood 356 several minutes - nice footage
Donnie Brasco 911 Towing a 911
Downhill Racer 911 Speedster couple of minutes
Dream Machine, The 911 lots of footage
Eye Of The Beholder 928 Ashley Judd drives a metallic blue 928
Face Value Boxster  
Fantastic 4 911 Turbo  
Faster Pussycat Kill Kill 356 check the All Movie Guide!! - Not on Video
Final Option, The 928 features a purple 928
Flash Dance 930  
FM 356 Cabrio The Jeff Dugan character, late for work as a D.J., races through the streets of L.A. in a
yellow T-6 Cabrio
For Love of the Game 993 Cabriolet Billy Chapel (Kevin Costner) is driving a 993 Cabriolet when he meets Jane
Freshman, The 911 Speedster Marlon Brando parodies his godfather role, playing a mob boss who makes a film student (Matthew Broderick) an offer he can't refuse
From Dusk to Dawn 911  
Get Shorty 911 Red Slantnose Cab
Good Guys Wear Black 911  
Gone in 60 Seconds (Original) 911 Targa parked by the motel during big chase scene
Gone in 60 Seconds '74 Carrera RS  
Grand Theft Auto 911 The beginning of the movie has a Porsche 911 Carrera and a Rolls Royce in a high speed chase.
Gumball Rally 911 Targa  
Hannibal Boxster FBI agent (Ray Liotta) drives a Boxter throughout the movie
Harper Movies 356 Paul Newman is the driver!
Hallow Man   Kevin Bacon's Porsche
Her Alibi 356 Cabrio Tom Selleck drives a silver T-6 Cabrio
Herbie 1,2,3...    
Hidden, The 928 hero FBI agent drives gold '86 928 S
Highlander 356 one scene
Hollywood Knights 356 one scene
Honey, I Blew Up the Kid 911  
Honor Thy Father and Mother 911 true story of the Menendez brothers. One brother buys a 911 after cashing in on murdering his parents
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 928 brief shot of silver 928 in traffic
I Am Sam 911 Michelle Pfeiffer drives this newer 911
In Car 956 956 entire video
Joy 356  
Kid, The 996 Cab, 356 Speedster starring Bruce Willis
King of the Mountain 356 racing up and down Mulholland Drive
Kiss the Girls 911 Morgan Freeman drives a black 911
K2 356 1-2 scenes
Lady Bugs 911  
Last Chase, The 917 stars Lee Majors. Cool footage especially the chase between the 917 and a vintage 1953 Sabre fighter jet flown by Burgess Meredith
Last Dance (1996) 911 Targa Movie starts with Rob Morrow driving a 911 Targa pulling a trailer. Though out the first part of the movie the 911 Targa is shown.
Le Mans 917, 911 entire video
Legally Blonde Boxster Reese Witherspoon drives a blue Boxter throughout the movie
Leonard Part 6 928 928 with a tank turret for a roof in this Bill Cosby movie
Life is a House 911 Kevin's Klein's character is kind of a loser but there are some nice shots of the car
Lifeguard 914's, 911's  
Local Hero 1983    
Looker 928 gold 928 blinded by looker light gun and driven into fountains
Love Potion #9 930 1-2 scenes
Marque of a Legend   Porsche Feature Video
Martial Art II    
Mask 964 Speedster One scene at night club
Matador, The A turbo blows up within the first 30 minutes of the movie
Matrix, The 944 profile of 944 as seen out the window of sedan our good guys ride in
Matrix III 911 a black 911 is featured; possibly a 1970
Middle Age Crazy 928 Bruce Dern trades his Olds wagon for a 928
Mission Impossible 2 911 Cabriolet  
Monkey Shines    
Modern Problems 911 "You can't commit suicide, you just bought a Porsche!"
Modern Romance 911  
Mr. Destiny 550 Spyder  
National Lampoons Vacation 914 when Clark buys the gun, it's in the background
Nine Months 911 Cabriolet  
Nine to Five 914 Two of them when the girls take their boss to the hospital
No Mans Land 911, 930 tons of cars
Not Another Teen Movie 944 1986 Guards Red 944 with chrome "phone dial" rims
Ocean's Eleven 993 C4 Cabriolet in one of the final scenes an Arena Red 993 is parked behind the SWAT van at the MGM Grand Valet
Office Space 911 driven by the boss
Old School 911 SC the character played by Craig Kilborn drives and crashes (on top of Jeremy Piven's character actually) a Guards Red 911 SC
On the Beach 550 Spyder racing while waiting for the nuclear fallout
One Hour Photo Boxster mistress entering the hotel
Pacific Heights 993 Michael Keaton 's character drives a silver 993 Cabriolet
Parenthood 993 Cabriolet Matthew Modine's character drives a silver 993 Cabriolet (not sure this is correct)
Patriot Games Carerra 1-2 scenes
Point Break 356  
Porsche   Porsche Feature Video
Porsche, Story of   Porsche Feature Video
Porsche 356 Close Up 356 Porsche Feature Video
Porsche 911 & 930 Close Up 911, 930 Porsche Feature Video
Porsche Video Manual   Porsche Feature Video
Porsche 911, 944 911, 944 Porsche Feature Video
Porsche, The Racing Legend   Porsche Feature Video
Pretty in Pink 911  
Private Benjamin 911  
Project 2078   Porsche Indy Car Project
Raise the Titanic 930 one brief scene
Rally Car Experience 911 entire video - GREAT in-car
Return of Dragon, The 356 Bruce Lee's red 356
Risky Business 928 several minutes
Roller Ball 2002 964/965 Turbo LL Cool J drives a black 964/965 Turbo in the beginning of the film during street louge scene
Rookie, The 928 Clint Eastwood and Charlie Sheen out to bust a car thief ring, a 928 is destroyed when it is dropped off the back of a car hauling 18 wheeler
Salsburg Connection, The 911 Targa a nice lime green 911 Targa is shown throughout the film, driven by the main character. The movie ends with a good shot of Barry Newman and the girl driving off on a dirt road.
Scarface 928 also 911 in lot and showroom
Sexy Beast 911 Coupe stars Ben Kingsley. Shows footage of a silver C2 or C4 coupe.
Shampoo 356 Cabriolet  
Sin City 550 Spyder driven by the character "Goldie"
Sixteen Candles 944 many scenes
Slapshot 911 Paul Newman's wife in this film drives a green 911
Soldier, The 930 silver 930 jumps Berlin Wall
Species II 993/4S brief scend where lead character played by Michael Madsen stands next to his car.
Speed Merchants, The 911 video follows 1972 season of Endurance Racing
Sports Car Experience 962 entire video
Spy Game 912 Robert Redford's 912
Starsky and Hutch (2004) 911 Targa brief shot of a black 911 Targa in the alley when Starsky and Hutch decide to go after Reese Feldman
Stripes 911 unarmed
SuperTroopers 964  
Taxi Driver 912 or 911 Targa a burgundy 912 or 911 Targa drives by in the scene where DeNiro and Cybill Sheppard meet for coffee.
Tequilla Sunrise 911 features a black 911 throughout
Three Fugitives 911SC  
To Live and Die in LA 924 1985, An early foot chase passes a dark green 924 in an alley
Top Gun 356 1-2 scenes
Torque 993
Transformers Dealer  
Treacherous 356 Cabriolet the hero, a race car driver, drives a silver 356 Cabriolet
True Romance 911  
Twins 911 Arnold !!
Untold, The 911/964 the actor Lance Henriksen's character drives one in the opening sequences
Victory by Design   Porsche Feature Video
Walking Tall (latest version) 996 Cabriolet Rock does some damage to the car
Waterboy Boxster  
Waynes World II 911 Speedster one scene
Weekend At Bernies 911 and 911 golf cart !!
When a Man Loves a Woman 911  
Who Dares Wins (known as The Final Option in the U.S.) 928 mid 80's British movie about the takeover of the Iranian Embassy in 1982 and its SAS liberation. Lead character drives a 928.
Wierd Science 928S  
Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory 356 Charlie finds his "Golden ticket" just in front of a 356....you can see the front bumper and hood
Wimbledon, 2004 356 Cabriolet Peter Cort drives a silver 356 Cabriolet, shown in several scenes